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Magnolias by themongolianshemonk Magnolias :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 1 0 Johnny 2 by themongolianshemonk Johnny 2 :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 0 Johnny by themongolianshemonk Johnny :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 1 0 Smithville 4 by themongolianshemonk Smithville 4 :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 0 Smithville 3 by themongolianshemonk Smithville 3 :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 0 Smithville 2 by themongolianshemonk Smithville 2 :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 0 Smithville Park by themongolianshemonk Smithville Park :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 1 0 Lovesongs by themongolianshemonk Lovesongs :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 0
Little Envelopes
I stare at a blank screen
With words swirling before my eyes
And yet I can't think of what to say
They brush my lips
But won't come out my fingertips
And it's times like these
I find it easiest to just let go...
And I put my heart
In a little white envelope
And sent it to you today
Can't say when you'll get it
Or what you'll say
Envelopes sealed with a lipstick print
But I only see red when I close my eyes
See my feelings for you are so confused
And I know I'll always love you
But I'll always want to hate you
And it's times like these
I decide staying silent is best...
And I put my heart
In a little white envelope
And sent it to you today
Can't say when you'll get it
Or what you'll say
Being far away is breaking my heart
But being near you is breaking me apart
I'm finally realizing what's best for me
And I'm sorry honey
But it's not you...
And I put what's left of my heart
In a little white envelope
And locked it away
Can't say what I'll do with it
But I do know what I'll say
It's not
:iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 0
Joker 2 by themongolianshemonk Joker 2 :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 3 0 I Fear You by themongolianshemonk I Fear You :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 2 0 Marvelous Murder by themongolianshemonk Marvelous Murder :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 0 Joker 1 by themongolianshemonk Joker 1 :iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 2 0
I wish there was a boy
Who could lift me up when I'm down
Who'd put me on his motorcycle
And drive me out of town.
He wouldn't take advantage
Of the heart thats on my sleeve
He'd tell me that I'm beautiful
And that he loves me for me.
He'd look into my heart
And calmly view my flaws
Then tell me that he loves me
And accpet me without pause.
Are my standards too high?
Too difficult to grip?
Or is it me?
Am I too difficult a trip?
:iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 2
High Expectations
It's been a while since someone
Told me I'm beautiful.
But this boy.
He makes the stars shine brighter.
And the music sound better.
And my life seem sweeter.
Cause he lifts me up.
And carries me through storms
I alone could not escape.
He tells me I'm strong
When I'm at my weakest.
And plans to show me
What love really is.
And no, he doesn't promise
What you once did.
And I don't expect him to.
Just like I shouldn't have expected...
All I did from you.
I won't make that mistake again.
:iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 0 2
We need to heal
I know I wear my heart on my sleeve.
And I tell myself becareful with who gets it.
And I know I hand it out too willingly.
And I've come to regret that.
But with you I'll take one more chance.
And I'll hand it over trustingly.
Do with it what you wish.
Mend it or crush it into tinier bits.
I'm sorry it's not whole.
And I'm sorry it's been used.
I'm sorry if its bleeding.
And I'm sorry it was abused.
But I trust you with my heart.
Whether we stay best friends.
Or become so much more.
Just give it time, we need to heal.
:iconthemongolianshemonk:themongolianshemonk 1 2

Random Favourites

Heal me Jacob by Nerdy-Kitten Heal me Jacob :iconnerdy-kitten:Nerdy-Kitten 124 45 the Opressed by dragonluck88 the Opressed :icondragonluck88:dragonluck88 3 4 Good by kris-wilson Good :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,910 1,367 Under the Bridge by HELLOcatty Under the Bridge :iconhellocatty:HELLOcatty 1 3 Polen. by vachi-bumbernickle Polen. :iconvachi-bumbernickle:vachi-bumbernickle 141 42 Saving by kris-wilson Saving :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,851 1,567
A Stolen Kiss
I hate the sound of regret
But I cant ever forget when we met
I wish that I would have taken the time
When our relationship was in its prime
Its not that I never wanted to
Was something I just couldn't do
I wish you would have given me one sign
And everything would have been fine
I should have taken the time to wish on the star
When we were lying under them upon your car
The time I should have not taken to miss
Was when I could have stole just one kiss
:iconmpax4059:MPax4059 2 2
Itty bitty hat by kris-wilson Itty bitty hat :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 631 916 Life Under Our Feet by hamkahatta Life Under Our Feet :iconhamkahatta:hamkahatta 2,111 391 your secret lies this time by RidgeviewxKid your secret lies this time :iconridgeviewxkid:RidgeviewxKid 174 20
I am an addict
I am an addict
Inject me deeply, sweetly
I need to feel that warmth
Intense and so relieving
Feel my pain, my worth
Destruction and mayhem
How I love you so much
:iconwrittenmemory:WrittenMemory 2 4
Real by kris-wilson Real :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 11,327 2,226 Either Strike me down or STFU by TheWrongPerspective Either Strike me down or STFU :iconthewrongperspective:TheWrongPerspective 3 6 Close call by cieone Close call :iconcieone:cieone 1 3 Ghostball by cieone Ghostball :iconcieone:cieone 1 7
What's going on in here ?
Whats going on in here
Leaves such a nicotene discharge of fear
Like children who pray to a stone Jesus
Thinking that all they know is right
So when we tell them they're wrong
They don't believe us
Like a father who's slipped away
Strangled, maimed, and put on display
Its the blood and the tears that makes us smile
As though its not really a tragedy
because none of this will ever happen to me
And this really isn't a war
Because no one thinks our nation could be a whore
Its jsut the sun dazzling your eyes
And the rotting corpse being consumed by flies.
Can one mind really do anything?
Can the truth really be that deafening?
And then it hits you like a stone
Shatter, crack! Your mind is blown
And then the moon caresses you to sleep
To the wrold, it hopes to be
A mother who's child won't make a peep.
:iconwrittenmemory:WrittenMemory 2 2


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So. I haven't been on her in FOREVER. But I figured since I just bought a new camera I might come back and post the nice pictures (It's a holga so fingers crossed that I actually GET some nice ones lol). But yeah. I'm happy and amazing and wonderful, how are all of you out there???


(Oh and PS I just downloaded words with friends. If ANYONE reads this play with me!!! Littlebit615)


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Favourite genre of music: Alternative or Country
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Stitch or Peter Pan
Personal Quote: My mind is a dangerous place to be in, especially alone.


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